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Juniper (mother) Blu (pet)Kami (sister)



Talia (Taliana) is the main character (along with title character) and protagonist of of Talia: Fun, Fun and Crazy Cars. She is the younger twin sister of her older sibling Kami.


Talia is fun-loving, silly, lazy, emotional, and shy. She's pretty much a tom-boy and spends a lot of time outside. She has an extreme love for cats and is rather protecive of her miniature cat, Blu. She likes to sleep in on weekends..and pretty much everyday. She loves reading, writing, and enjoys drawing pictures and designs. She has a firery temper and a calm demenor, however, though she has an excited personality.


Talia has light brown skin, with black drill hair with to small marron ribbons in her hair, olive green eyes, and often wears and over-sized chinese dark purple shirt-dress with black leggings underneath with dark gray mary-janes.


Over the years Talia has gained friendships with people.


Juniper Edit

Juniper is the protective mother of Talia. She deeply cares for her only daughter and is very caring. She never has a need to be tough with her, because she trust her dearly. However, she does nearly faint at Talia's fashion sense.


Blu is the pet, best friend, family, and pillow of Talia. Talia cares great for the size changing feline and he cares for her too. Blu is shown to only let either Talia or Juniper ride him around.


Talia's older twin sister is often the cause of her and the groups adventures. They are close to each other and Talia greatly enjoys her fun and pranks. Although both have almost polar personalities, they fight only once every 2 weeks.



Talia and Christi are best friends. They generally hang out together and joke around. Talia enjoys messing with her, while Christi find ways to mess with Taila. They are considered close friend.


  • Her shirt often hides her hands due to the size.
  • She is from a little known Asian culture and African heritage.
  • She can't spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  • She can cry on demand.
  • It takes her 20 seconds to curl her hair into her signature drill hair.
  • She enjoys reading.
  • Blu is often a pillow and security blanket for her.
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