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Athena [pet]


Athena, a giant mouse.

Roxanna is one of the 3rd protagonist of Talia. She is known to be the most mature acting of the group, however that won't stop her from going on crazy adventures with her besties, and exploring all around Demotha. She had past affiliations with Betty and Norreen, because she was in classes and once was in scouts with them.


Roxanna is described as the 'smart person' and 'Ms. Mature' of the group. She is level-headed, smart, and rather into latest trends but this is done so in secret. She often sighs at Talia's crazy plans and ideas, but she still goes along with her ideas and plans. She very shy, and a bit of a tsundere.


Roxanna has shoulder-upper back length, and tan-ish skin. She wears a pink striped shirt under a maron jacket with a white shirt underneath, she has rolled up jeans and some red ankle-boots, she has a dark yellow and white belt, a yellow strap, and braclets with a necklace.


Roxanna has the ability to sense other people's presence. Along with this she is rather smart for her age. She can also read the atmosphere.


-She's the oldest in the group.

-She owns Demotha's library. Along with that fact, her home is upstairs in the dirt-floored library.

-She's allergic to mushrooms.

-Roxanna's name was originally going to be Sara, then Jenny, and finally Rebecca till it came to simply Roxanna.

-Talia's nickname for her is Roxcky is a pun on the ice cream flavor Rocky Road.

-Her design was done by Beemo.