Kami ( Kammiko) is the secondary protagonist of the series Talia: Fun, Fun and Crazy Cars. She is the elder sibling of Talia.


Kami is sarcastic, easily on edge, and sometimes physically violent towards her younger sibling. According to Talia, she's " almost the definition of a tsundere! She is violent, cold, and sometimes the most sarcastic person I know! But, I know she means well, she juts has problems....a'lot of problems showing it." She has a talent for making and sketching ink drawings.


She looks somewhat like Talia. She is light brown skin, long black hair tied into to ponytails with dark teal ribbons, similar to Talia's drill hair, and wears a dark gray chinese styled dress with light black on the ends, and black leggings with dark gray mary-janes.




Kami and Talia are twin sisters, however they are nothing alike, and Kami is rather violent towards her younger sibling. She prefers for her sister to leave her stuff alone and far away from her books and ink drawings. She however, does lover and care for her younger sister.